The structure of Euro Cater

Euro Cater A/S consists of two food service suppliers based in Denmark and Sweden. Each company offers products and services from a number of locally managed sites. From a combined number of 27 distrubution sites and 3 cash and carry stores, Euro Cater collaborates with more than 40,000 customers ranging from the smallest food stand to some of the largest canteens and restaurants in Scandinavia.

The headquarters of Euro Cater is located in Svenstrup, Denmark - near the larger city of Aalborg.

Euro Cater - Board of Directors

Timo H. A. Larjomaa (Finnish)
ICG - Head of Nordic investments 

Peter Berglund (Swedish)
ICG - Associate Director, Nordic Investments

Steen D. Pedersen (Danish)
CEO of Euro Cater & Dansk Cater

Lars Carlsson (Swedish)
Executive Euro Cater, CEO Svensk Cater

Euro Cater Management

Steen D. Pedersen (Danish)
CEO of Euro Cater & Dansk Cater

Henrik Ellegaard (Danish)
CFO of Euro Cater

Lars Carlsson (Swedish)
CEO of Svensk Cater




Certifications & Management systems

Euro Cater’s business-units continuously strive to excel when it comes to improving food safety, lowering energy consumption and creating a healthy working environment.

Svensk Cater and Dansk Cater have obtained the ISO 14001 certification (Environmental management system).

The ISO 22000 certification (Food safety management system) has been achieved for all Danish sites, while the certification process for the Swedish sites is expected to be completed by 2017/2018.

ISO14001 - Environmental management system - Find more information on the ISO 14001 here.

ISO22000 - Food safety management system - Find more information on the ISO 22000 here.