Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the very beginning Euro Cater has built the business on a responsible mind-set as the core of our activities. Since 2016 we have worked this into a structured and strategic CSR approach in order to drive a positive development together with our suppliers and customers.

Respect for Food and People

We wish to conduct our business activities with respect and care for food as a scarce resource - and for the people involved throughout the value chain from farmland to fork. That is why we have named our CSR strategy: Respect for Food and People.

With our sustainability strategy we invite all our suppliers and customers to cooperate and work together for new solutions for a sustainable future.

Current edition: Euro Cater 2020/2021 CSR-report

CSR-Archive: Go to the CSR archive

Development Goals

Euro Cater welcomes the SDG’s as constructive global agendas and a driver for cooperation. We have chosen goal no. 12 as our main focus and wish to inspire to responsible consumption and sustainable principles in our supply chain and work to reduce food waste in our value chain.

Our CSR Commitments

Our CSR strategy is unfolded in these main commitments:


  • Food safety
  • Sustainability in the supply chain
  • Sustainable product assortment 


  • Energy efficiency
  • Transportation with focus on environment, climate and road safety
  • Waste and food waste


  • Further develop Euro Cater as a developing place to work