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Cookies, that make websites work
At we use cookies to give you the best and personalized experience we can.

A cookie is a data file that is temporarily stored on your hard drive. Cookies are used by virtually all websites, and in some cases, they are the only way to get a website to function properly. 

A cookie contains a randomly generated ID, which enables us to recognize your computer and collect information about which pages and features that are visited by your browser. Cookies cannot see who you are, what your name is or where you live. It also cannot spread computer viruses or other malicious software.

For example, a cookie can be used to remember certain settings in a website, if you choose to change something.Because of these cookies, you do not have to make the same changes repeatedly every time you log in. The cookie saves them. Similarly, we use cookies to see if you choose to close a help message. This way it will not pop up again, unless you choose to delete your cookies.

Cookies for statistics also use Google Analytics to gather statistics about user behavior on the website. We use these information to help us understand what our users demand, and how we can present the relevant information to our users in the best way possible.

Google saves information about the websites traffic on their own servers. We anonymize the IP-addresses by hiding the last 8 digits. It is therefore not possible to identify each user by the data Google collects. You can read more about how Google treats its data here

Dismiss or delete cookies: You can always dismiss cookies on your computer by changing the browsers settings. These settings are placed differently depending on the browser you choose to use. You must be aware that if you choose to dismiss cookies, some functions and services will not work optimally, because they require that the website remember the choices you make.

All browsers allow you to erase cookies individually or all at once. How you do this depends on your choice of browser. Follow the links below to see how you delete cookies in the different browsers. (Tip: If you use a PC with a newer browser, you can delete cookies by using the keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE).

Guide to deleting cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Gudie to deleting cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Guide to deleting cookies in Google Chrome

Guide to deleting cookies in Opera

Guide to deleting cookies in Safari

Guide to deleting flash cookies